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Why Do We Need to Have Our Own Real Estate Website

 8th of Series : Equipping ourselves as Real Estate Service Professionals

  Why Do We Need to Have Our Own Real Estate Website


By: Genevieve Flores Bonquin

Real Estate Broker PRC No. 2309


In the US according to latest survey  by NAR, 90% of home buyers use the internet to search for homes to buy or rent. Even in the Philippines and  Filipinos living or working abroad use the internet extensively to shop for homes here for investments, for their retirement home or for their families here. And if we check the ads online, a great majority of real estate ads are from the non-licensed practitioners or better known as 'colorums'. Too few are legitimate brokers or agents. So, where do you think most business goes? Are they aware we are legitimate brokers? Are they aware they need to deal only with legitimate brokers? How will people know when they can't find us online?   Then developers who have in-house marketers hire too many unlicensed agents and give them all the privileges to be able to make a sale making the legitimate brokers a second rate citizens in their companies?



We, legitimate brokers have a lot of things to catch up as unlicensed agents are overtaking us despite the RESA law. So, we all must not just vigilant and encourage them all to be licensed to level the playing field, recruit these agents and make them licensed under our wings if they are not qualified to take brokers exams. When they are stubborn enough to take a license then we can make their websites, online ads, business cards as evidence of their violation of Sec 39 of RA 9646.



DOMAIN NAME : staking a claim in the internet map.


Aside from introducing our real estate services to the online community,  our domain is the title or the TCT/CCT we give to our space in the internet. This is our business card online. How our clients- buyers, sellers, colleagues will view our business can be seen in our website. If we don't have a domain, and our listings are just part of another free classified ads, no matter how famous that site is, we are squatters there, we do not have our own identity. We can use those site to lead them to our own domain so that we can establish our credibility. Next time, the client will remember our domain and go back there if they like what they find in our domain/website.


Our Website is our STORE Online:


Imagine yourself in a mall where there are many small boutiques. If you are a boutique owner and you only have few display there, will you expect customers to come in? Or you want to be just one of the brands inside a big department store with a few display racks? Though that depends on the quality of your display.  One good thing about the website is that it is open 24 hours a day and you can be found all over the world by clients looking for homes or your services.


A Very Inexpensive Way of Marketing Your Listings!



For so many years, many of us have become dependent in advertising in major newspapers which costs easily at P100/line where you can only put about 10 letters per line so you need at least three or more lines so you have a decent ads, else your ads will be drowned by bigger and longer ads. And it appears only one day. Aside from the fact that you can only make very few description such that you have to meet the client to show your listings, so you have to make appointments with them to show the house or your listings. Nowadays with the internet, buyers shop on the internet for homes they like in pictures before they call for appointment to view the house. More likely, they are already half-sold on the house that they saw on your website and only are making a short list for final decision. With the information and the photos of our listings in our website, it also shortens the selling process, less homes to show, as most of the time, buyers negotiate before they even view the actual unit.


(For duly licensed Real Estate Brokers who do not have a website yet, we have a promo for May-June P5,000 only including domain registration and hosting for 1 year). For more information, email to rebgigib@gmail.com )


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