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How to Increase Your Sales This 2013

5th of Series: Equipping Ourselves as Real Estate Service Professionals

 By: Genevieve Flores Bonquin

Real Estate Broker PRC No. 2309


How to Increase Your Sales This 2013

So, you have your goals for 2013 written down, broken down into manageable size and you are ready to implement what you planned. I would guess that most of your goal, like me, is more of financial goals. Where do you want to be financially this year? Are you already saving for your retirement? Your kids in college? You want to bring the whole family in an Asian or European tour? You want that sleek car? New gadget? Signature bags to add to your collections? So, whatever our goals are, we need the money! And that means we need to work harder and smarter to make more money that we did last year or even more , double or triple if we can so that we can have the rewards later.

These goals that we set meant we need to double or triple what we did last year. We need to sell more, list more homes and close bigger deals this year. So you need to make inventory of how you did last year. What sold last year and what are your inventories left unsold. Is it time to re-price your old inventories and get more to sell. Those in-house brokers or concentrating with major developers, you do not have problem in inventory. You only need to renew your quota or aim higher or focus in one project that you like. If you are a free lance accredited broker for several developers, choose your favorite project and concentrate there, aim to be the top broker if they have incentives. Big developers has incentives ranging from new cars, trips abroad for incentives to their top brokers. If you will aim for this, make sure all your agents are registered with PRC. So, choose the best agents that you will register as you are only limited to 20. After all, what is success when after winning the top broker award, you are sending yourself and your agents to jail afterwards or lose your license because you violated RESA law. Success is sweeter if you got it through honest and hard work.

For those who opted to become free-lancer and do brokerage, this means you need to be a good 'lister'. This means, you need to build up your inventory and find the best way to promote or market your listings. If working smarter is your objective this year, I have discussed in my previous blogs about working within your territory. If you are living in a big city like Metro Manila where traffic is a major problem it will be best to concentrate within your place of office or residence. At the same time, it will save you a lot in operational costs; travel time and lower gas expenses. You can also establish yourself as the expert broker in the area or your neighborhood. Have a nice tarpaulin ready with your name and contact numbers including your PRC license to establish your credibility as a duly licensed Real Estate Service Practitioner in your neighborhood.

Nowadays, when everybody has tablets, laptop and androids, you cannot miss not to have your listings online. A lot of people are now using the internet to search for anything to buy including their dream homes. Sad to know that there are still many real estate service professionals, duly licensed at that who are still not using internet, or do not even know how to attach pictures to their emails. If you happen to be one of those who still is having a hard time, take extra effort to learn this new skill as this will make your selling job easier and be in step with the times. Learn how to upload your listings in free ads sites though these sites are proliferated by colorums and many calls you got are also from them.

If you can afford and knows how to maintain one, the best way to build your credibility online is to have your own website. You may have a nice one depending on your budget and requirements built for you and have someone regularly maintain it for you. You need to learn how to upload or post your listings or blogs in your site just in case your web developer went elsewhere. It is important to always have a new content from time to time so you get a good ranking or your website will be buried below millions of other websites. Always make the content of your site fresh, informative and worth visiting each time so that your clients or prospects will continue to patronize your page. Real estate investment is a major decision. For some clients it takes them years before they finally decide or it takes them years to build the equity they need to buy their dream homes. In my case, I still see clients still visiting my website or remember me when they need to sell the house they bought from me.

For many years, I have been promoting internet marketing ever since I 'discovered' it but until now, though you can see many thousands of ads of real estate in the web, a great majority are advertised by colorums. The legitimate brokers are so few. I have observed that a greater majority are still trying to 'discover' or still in the process of learning.

It was this observation that gave me the idea of creating a MLS site where member RESPs will just email their listings and we do the postings for them. There I saw that many RESPs are not ready with their listings. Much less that there are complete descriptions or pictures readily available. This is probably one area why colorums are better because they are always more than ready with their listings organized and posted on the internet. I hope this year, more and more duly licensed RESPs will 'discover' online marketing more with better presentation of their listings. For the “less techie” and wants to have their listings and business card online, you are welcome to join and subscribe to our directory and MLS. You need not have your own website but your listings will be posted in a colorum-free website. All you do is email your listings with pictures and description to rebgigib@gmail.com

As a reminder, whether you upload your listings online or email it to your clients, make it a point that your listings will stand out from among the many properties they will consider. Describe the property in a way that your client will be attracted to it, its advantages over other properties, why they should choose that property, etc. Let us move away from paid line ads in newspapers where every letter counts. In the internet, you can describe your listings as long as you can such that when you have to meet your client for viewing, all you need to do is show the location. With complete pictures and full description they saw online, half of your job has been done. What remains for your client to do is verify the location, if it is still the same condition as he/she saw it on pictures. That happens to me most of the time. Tripping only once and its closing time. Saves a lot of time for you to show so many listings. If your clients wants to see as many listings as you can show, chances are they are not real buyer. You won't be able to close them because they got 'confused' or they are just 'window shoppers'. To increase your sale with less effort, use online marketing. Learn as much as you can how you can use internet to increase your sale.

More sales to all of us this 2013!

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