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Its New Year! Have you set your goals?

4th of Series : Equipping Ourselves as Real Estate Service Professionals.

 By: Genevieve Flores Bonquin

Real Estate Broker PRC No. 2309


 Its New Year! Have you set your goals?

Usually at this time of the year, some of us have a habit of making New Year resolutions. As they say, resolutions are just promises meant to be broken, so instead of resolutions, let us make our goals for the year instead. Resolutions are more of the negative side which mean we do not do some bad habits anymore or stop doing some things that are not productive. With goals, we aspire to do or reach a certain level or achieve something that we want.

After all the celebrations, parties, gift -givings, the revelries, which meant that we spent so much money these holidays, some because of tradition and for others maybe as a reward for what we did the past year. This can mean that our pockets are empty, our budget depleted, our energies drained. So, let us not dwell too much on these but only momentarily just to remind us the new set of goals we need to set at the beginning of the year.

Every year as the year comes to end, its my habit to evaluate the goal I set the past year then start a new goal. To motivate myself, I read new inspirational books or re-read my old books by my favorite authors like those of Tom Hopkins, Brian Tracy, Stephen Covey and even Napoleon Hills. I also go back to my old goals. I wrote some of them at the loose pages of these books or sometimes in my yearly diaries to remind me daily of my goals. I am always in the look out for inspirational books but I still treasure the old wisdom that of Napoleon Hill, Andrew Carnegie and of course, the Holy Bible. I still have the books of Tom Hopkins since 1985 and as I re-read them lately, they are still applicable especially his book The Official Guide to Success which was a gift from the seminar I attended. I am not sure if its still available in bookstores but I am glad I still keep this book.

It is good to review the past so we learn from our mistakes, or for some of our goals, maybe its not destined for us but that should not stop us from making another goal and to strive some more to reach our goals in life. What is important is we decide where we want to go, what we want to achieve else we end up nowhere. Reviewing the past year or even beyond will help us to revisit our goals and maybe adjust accordingly. You may resolve this year to turn your life around say from poverty to riches. How you plan to do that, start with the goals that you will set for yourself.

The reason why I can still review my goals is because I have them written. Buy yourself a high quality notebook where you can write your life goals or maybe buy a planner if you intend to make just yearly plan. I have usually have yearly plan but I also base it on my 5-year, 10 year or even 20 year goal. Sometimes, things happen beyond our control and maybe some of these goals are not meant for us or perhaps its the choices that we make. Having these goals help us chart our activities, help us make better choices or do activities that will get us closer to these goals.

Let me share some goal -setting guidelines from the book of Tom Hopkins – The Official Guide to Success . He listed five.

  1. Your goal must be believable. At least, for yourself, you believe you can reach your goal. Some goals are hard to reach because it is too impossible or it will take you to be a Superman to be able to reach it. But that doesn't mean you set goals too easy to reach that you need not exert effort.

  2. Your goal must be clearly defined. Your goal should be specific and put a date when you want it done. If you want a new car this year, then maybe specify what type of car, model and make and if you want it on your birthday in August. If you want to travel, specify where you want to go and when. Do not plan to buy a Lamborghini when you can only afford a Toyota Vios.

  3. Your goal must be ardently desired. To motivate yourself to reach your goal, have one that you really, really want to have right now, if you can. That will inspire you to wake up early everyday, be early in your appointments, meet more clients, get more listings, schedule more trippings, etc.

  4. Your goal must be vividly imagined . If your goal is that brand new car that you really like, imagine yourself driving it, the color, the dashboard, the accessories that you want, the exact color, etc. You may even take a picture of that car and make it your wall paper of your cellphone or laptop or tablet. You may imagine using your car to bring clients to the houses or projects that you sell. If you want a house and lot (maybe this is a 5-yr goal ) then, you may have a drawing or a picture of the house you want.

  5. Your goal must be in writing. No matter how nice and exciting our goals, if we did not write it down in a place where we can be reminded of them daily or as often, we will easily forget then we lost in track.

Your goal should not be centered on a material thing alone. Make your goal to cover not only for material things but for your total well-being. You may divide your goals for your family, like you will bring them to HongKong Disneyland this year; for your finances, say you will earn P3M in commission this year, or for your career take that Appraisal or Consultancy this year or enroll in a Masteral class. Our goals will be more meaningful if we have the inspirations to motivate you to keep on going and working until you meet your goals.

After writing your goals, your next step is to list down HOW YOU PLAN TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS. If you want to make P3M in commissions this 2013, so that you can buy your dream car and bring your family to HK, then you need to sell at least P10M each month with 3% commission. So now, your monthly goal is to close P10M sale. If you are selling condo units, with P3M average price per unit, then you need to sell 3-4 units a month. That can also mean you need to close one unit a week. There you can already work your everyday activities so that you will be able to meet your weekly and monthly goals. If you stick close to your goals, you will develop self-discipline, you will improve your skills in prospecting, presentation, closing. You will develop the skills that you need. The secret in meeting a goal is to chop it in sizes that you can chew it easily and patiently do it until you reach your goals. 

Sometimes, even if we work hard for it, we don't get what we want. Maybe, for some but that should not keep us from trying and working for our goals. Some are maybe luckier than us but when we are ready for it, everything will come maybe much more than we can expect. Happy Selling and may we all reach our goals in 2013!!

Proverbs 16: 3 Commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plans will succeed. (NIV) 

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