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What is your Niche market? -Getting Listings

What is your Niche market? -Getting Listings

The reason why I discussed first about finding your niche or identifying your territory or your area of concentration is because it will be easier for you to organize your listings that you will build. With an organized area or territory, you can easily become an expert and later on, sellers, buyers and fellow brokers will just call you if they need something from your area or location.

If you plan to concentrate on condos, both sale or lease, it is best to identify your area. You maybe living in a condo unit already with more than a hundred units in the building, then you may not need to go far. You can already build your listings within your building and expand to neighboring building and community. In the same manner if you live in a subdivision or village. You may approach your homeowner's association, distribute business cards or fliers. Have some tarpaulin ready with your name, contact details and don't forget to indicate your PRC License Number. Always have ample supply of business card at any given time, especially if you go out on meetings. Business cards are our ammunition or tools of trade. I have encountered many colleagues in meetings who said they ran out of cards. It is a no-no in our business. It says a lot about us in how we do business. It is a sign that we are always ready to do business.

Another tool of our trade is a good camera. Nowadays, with all technologies available, even our cellphones has built-in camera. Make it a point that all your listings will have as much pictures as you can get. Get familiar with your cameras or cellphone with cameras and make sure you know how to transfer the files to your computer, putting each listing in one folder with corresponding label and include a word file for its description so you will be able to email it properly to your clients. I still encounter many brokers still having a hard time attaching pictures of their listings to their emails or even give a complete description of their listings to even attract a buyer. As you secure listings, get as much information as you can about the property and learn to describe the listing as best as you can so that prospective buyers will get interested with your listings. Look for some highlights of the property and try to get the best shot of its best feature to make it your primary picture to display it in online ads. As they say, pictures says a thousand word and it really helps a lot as we sell our listings. In my case, the pictures and descriptions of my listings in my website does half of my job already. The viewings or "trippings" are only a matter of confirmation that its the same as what they saw in the photos, they just want to see if they like the location or neighborhood. When we go and view the property, the client is already half-sold to the property.

Another important thing to remember when securing listing is getting the right price for the property. Many sellers do not have the idea how much their property will sell. As a Broker, we are not allowed to do appraisal. We may recommend a selling price comparing to other properties in the neigborhood but always tell the Seller that your recommended price is not official and recommend instead that they hire a duly licensed Appraiser so they will know the real value of their property. Always sell the idea of having a formal appraisal of their property by a Licensed Appraiser. From the appraisal, the Owner/Seller can make better perspective of his/her property.

Some Owners/Sellers will have a price for his/property that are way above market, in a bad location, needing repairs, etc, and do not want to hire Appraiser. How do we deal with such kind of Seller/Owner? These types of Sellers are usually the one who approaches us and offer their house to list. In many cases, I reject the listings though some I find it hard to say no especially if we know them. Even if we already explained that with the price they want, they still insist their asking price. What I do is I tell them, maybe we can test the market for three months then we evaluate. Many times, the Seller is not really serious putting it in the market. They are just testing the market.


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