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Equipping ourselves as Real Estate Service Professionals

Title: Equipping ourselves as Real Estate Service Professionals

By: Genevieve Flores Bonquin
Real Estate Broker PRC No. 2309

Part I : So you are now a licensed Real Estate Service Professional.... what's next?

It was easy to get into real estate business, at least for many of us who just took Brokers Exam and passed but by 2016, only those who are graduate of Bachelor of Real Estate Management can be Brokers or Appraisers. And for those who completed only two-year college education, they still can get into real estate as Salesperson under a Broker.

Easy as it is to get in, but to stay long in this business and be successful is another thing. Even worse because the seminars do not include salesmanship trainings. Somehow, it is expected that all of us had some sales training and that we only need the license to legalize our practice. Well, a good percentage who are good at sales are still illegal and those who get license first do not have sufficient sales training. That is where the difference lies. That is why we heard that colorums are better at selling than those who are holders of REB license.

It is time to change that perception because that is discriminating all of us, the duly licensed Real Estate Service Professionals. It is time to brush up on our selling skills and train ourselves to be good at selling and still be professional.

Where is the best place to get our trainings?

For the new kids in the block, that is for those who just jumped in without selling skills, maybe you can start with project selling. Acredit yourself with a reputable developer who are conducting training. Maybe start as an in-house broker so you only concentrate on selling their inventories. You will only concentrate on finding buyers and you get to become an expert about the projects. You become an expert as you keep on presenting the same projects to different buyers. You get the training you need and earn at the same time. And when you think you have learned enough, it is time to move to another type of project. If you are selling house and lot packages and you want to learn about condominium then you can move to another project, maybe same developer or another developer. When you think you can be independent, able to train and handle agents, then maybe its time to be on your own. And again, like any other business, if you go independent, you will have to know first if you have enough capital and resources to be on your own.

For those who preferred to become an independent broker, a free-lancer, having had some selling experience, how do you plan to sustain your business? How do you plan to be successful in this business? Like every profession, we should acquire expertise first. While we did not go through four years in college to learn real estate management- we have to acquire expertise somewhere else- through experience, CPE seminars, readings, from experiences of other colleagues to name a few.

We acquire expertise from day to day experience and each property and clients are not the same, even if we sell same inventory or same type of property. And as soon as we sold one from our inventory we have to keep replenishing our listings, else, we will have nothing to sell. We need to make sure we have enough inventories to sell to keep our business going. We don't have as many neighbors or relatives who will sell or buy properties every month. These things are not discussed in the seminars before we take our examinations. Sales and Marketing topics are seldom part of the syllabus in brokers exams. Topics are more of theoritical or legal side of real estate. It is this lack of sales training that many of our colleagues cannot stay full time in real estate and would only consider real estate job as part -time job. Hence, many do not develop their expertise that is required to make it in this business. Soon, they leave this job in favor of other business or employment.

(On Part II of this article, we will discuss techniques how to get listings)



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