About My Title- A book review and recommendation

 A must own book for all property owners! Real Estate Practitioners and those who want to take Brokers Exam, BS REM students! This is a book for you!

By Genevieve F. Bonquin, REB REA REC


Finally, after a long wait, I got hold of the copy of the book written by my good friend and colleague – Crisiljefv Garrido. Been excitedly waiting for this months after I got the news from the author himself. After a long wait, I finally got my copy from courier and excitedly opened to see the content of this 800 page book! So curious to see why the book is this thick and wasted no time to check what it contains. Going through Acknowledgement, I was elated to see my name among the list! Browsing through the pages, it has colorful graphics and a lot of illustrations!


For the first time in my 30 years practice in real estate, it’s only now I found the book that contains everything I need to know about the real estate title, from beginning to what a title embodied, to plotting and even the requirements for getting one. And more! Not just it has all the laws related to lands and titles it so has maps of active faults and volcanic zones. The book discussed in details each part of the title including guidelines and tools to detect fake titles, encumbrances, quieting, reconstitution and many more. As bonus, it also discussed real estate taxation and included all laws pertaining to real estate and your title. 

It has almost all the reference material a true real estate practitioner will need is in this book. And every property owner, about to inherit and everyone who plans to buy a property should have one. 

 I can definitely say that owning this book is a must for every real estate practitioner, agent and property owners!  

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