Two-Story Old house For Sale in Sampaloc- Ideal for Dorm or Townhouse

Old house for sale in Sampaloc
Ideal for Dorm, TH or Walk-up condo

• 300 sq. m., 2 bath, 7 bdrm single story - $178,000 USD - P8M Net RUSH

 -  RUSH! P8M net.

Ideal for dormitory, townhouses or for those who want to restore an old house. The house was built in the 50's. Good lumber that are rare these days. Nearer to Welcome Rotunda which is higher than UST area. Walking distance to UST, Espana

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Published 16 August 15 06:06 by Genevieve (Gigi) Bonquin REB 2309 REA 5754 REC 9
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