FLAIR TOWERs,Mandaluyong in Pioneer cor Reliance St.

Your private urban retreat at the heart of the metro

Urban living is irresistibly charming. It reflects a very modern and fast paced lifestyle which is more often than not, filled with work and deadlines. In this time and age, where can the young urban families go? With the young modern family in mind, DMCI Homes is providing an option to the harried lifestyle of the cosmopolitan dwellers. Being the country’s premier triple A builder-developer that brings serviced, themed communities within reach of urban families, DMCI Homes is once again introducing an innovative property development that is set to change the standards of in-city living.

Flair Towers is a two-tower high-rise residential condominium development located in Pioneer cor Reliance Street at the heart of Mandaluyong City. Nicknamed as the “Tiger City of the Philippines” and located in the heart of Metro Manila, Mandaluyong City is a perfect location for businesses and residential developments alike. It is bordered on the west by the country's capital, Manila, to the north by San Juan City, to the east by Quezon City and Pasig City, and by Makati City to the south. Being between the two biggest CBDs in the metropolis, Makati and Ortigas, Mandaluyong is the most ideal melting pot for businessmen and corporate individuals alike.

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Situated atop 1.4 hectares of land, approximately 75% of land area is to be allotted to amenities. First for any DMCI Homes development, Flair Towers’ tropical resort design has two activity zones, the active play and the pool zone. The active play area will feature a full size basketball court, jogging trails, a kiddie playground and several cabanas to cater to the active lifestyle of the typical city dweller. The pool zone will feature a lounge pool, a lap pool and a kiddie pool to allow the residents and their family to get together and relax during their free time.

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Leisure Pool

To complete the resort living experience and true to their commitment of providing the young urban families a natural home setting amid the bustling metro, DMCI Homes presents another pioneering concept in high-rise living. Aptly named the Lumiventt advantage, this architectural building design offers the city condo dwellers a unique glimpse of suburban living in the metropolis. A combination of several building design features that aims to maximize the natural benefits of “light” (lumen) and air (ventus), the Lumiventt design technology allows light to enter and fresh air to freely circulate among common areas and even in the residents’ individual units. Employing single loaded corridors, three-storey high sky patios at the front and back of each building, breezeways at the end of each floor and central atriums every five floors, this design technology ultimately allows the high-rise buildings to breathe. Aside from the building design, the sky patios and central atriums are peppered with abundant landscaping and water feature to provide not only fresh air but also an aesthetic relief from the concrete surroundings.

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Pool Zone

Set to be launched within the last quarter of the year, Flair Towers is surely a property for the discerning homebuyer. Live the resort life in your private retreat right in the heart of the Mandaluyong  CBD. 


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