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December 2007

Las Pinas, Metro Manila  -  We invite everyone to visit our open house at Altea, Admiral Avenue, Talon on December 2 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

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Published 27 November 07 03:01 by Genevieve (Gigi) Bonquin REB 2309 REA 5754 REC 9


# connie bulger another victim of his lies!!!! said on June 21, 2008 12:07 AM:

My name is Constance, the Ex-Wife of Michael Jay Bulger a filipino chaser on the web, 63 years old, almost bald, bad dentures...just Google his name...or mikejb5293, mikee5293, mike5293.  I'm writing to you because I'm a victim also.  

Although my divorce to Michael wasn't final until last November 9, 2007, I have known for a long time about some of his girlfriends.  Mail from them would come to the house and I would read them, trying to figure out what he was up too.  Once I found out what he was doing, I moved out and we were separated.  Then he lied his way back into my life for another year and a half, leaving a woman behind in Panama with dozens of unpaid bills until I said "NO MORE!" What could I do with an useless, lazy, IMPOTENT man????? I kicked him out and we divorced. So, I will try to explain the "real" truth about Michael.

As far as the Lincoln Car he talks about?  I acquired a loan in my name for that car for him, but he had to make the payments.  He kept the payments up until he left the US and then he told Chris that he could have the car.  Chris had no idea that I owned that car and still do!  Mike will never see that car again.  He has no legal rights to it and I have made legal arrangements to keep his hands off the car.

He is a low down scoundrel who preys on women.  He likes to control everything in his life including women.  He is mean, disgusting, arrogant, lupus sle, a combover, really bad dentures, a lying *** and is not going to change.  He is a mentally, sick user and has practiced his act and lies for many years.

Carmen a Mexican left him for all the reasons above and many more.  Michael was doing his internet dating thing even while he was married to Carmen.  He controlled her life and all her money  for 22 years while they were married, she had a few clothes only while he was spending tons of money meeting women abroad or paid dating sites!!!!  She waited for her last son, Sean P.Bulger now 793 Twin Accorn Drive in Blacklick, (his obese wife is expecting, he has two lovers in Columbus) to turn 18yrs old and then she left him.  He tried to sue her in court, but could never get a lot of money from her.  He tried to make it out like it was all her fault.  Carmen, who married him to get an american visa since she was broke in Mexico,  run off with a black man called Howard T.Scott from Lewis Center, a nice and reliable man.  Since Michael is so prejudges against blacks, he still tried to make her life a living hell by writing letters to her boss, the head of a bank and tried to get her fired.

Now about me and his family.  His sons are nothing like he says.  We have come together to bond as a family to make sure Michael's lies and scams are stopped.  

We have notified the U.S. Immigration, FBI, Texas Rangers, my local Police Department (my youngest son is a policeman), Homeland Security, Border Patrol, Dept. of Defense, and anyone else that can be of legal assistance to us.  He is no longer welcome in the United States or his hometown.  If he tries to come home, each one of these authorities will be notified and he will be taken into custody for fraud and deceit.  As far as I know, he has not given up his U.S. Citizenship.

So when his luck runs out in the Phillipines and he wants to run back here, he will be met with a lot of problems. Brigitte Lombardo from 8301 Romantic Sunset Street Las Vegas,  wants some answers too.  He has no family support here and never will again.

Now about me.  When I married Michael in 2004, I had no idea he was the way he is.  I tried to hold the marriage together, but he was just looking for another woman to take care of him.  Michael was about to get fired from DFAS when he put in his retirement papers and he left the Federal Government as quickly as he could before they found out what he was doing.

All the complaints that I'm a ***, he hated me, etc.  He never had to stay with me if he didn't want to.  He was always free to go whenever he wanted to, but, you see, he was always broke.  Because of his quick retirement, he doesn't get that much of a pension.  I have always taken care of myself, personally, and financially.  I've always made and had my own money and he didn't like that, so he started telling lies to get my money, which never happened.  

All the blogs on the panama and phillipine sites identify me as a withered, dried up old lady, but just for the record, Mark, I am a Fitness Tech and a well known women's fitness center and have always taken care of myself.  Even though Michael didn't love me, he was so jealous of other men looking at me - and I was healthy and he was not.  Yes, I'm sticking up for myself, because what has been said on the blogs is not true. In fact, it is the farthest from the truth.  Those are the lies that he has told everyone, including you and your wife.

I hope this clears up a few things.  I'm sorry you ever met Michael Jay Bulger and his sons are devastated that this is the man that calls himself their father. Mike II from  4210 combine place, brighton is hiding his two lovers from his wife, you know the reason. Like son!!!  They have disowned him and he continues to try to discredit their family and their lives as well as mine. When michael jay bulger get more money from one silly filipina, they will accept him again...runs in the family

he will never touch my money again!!!

I wish you the best May God be with you.Stay away from this man and you will be fine.,

connie    Have a Blessed Day

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