A Life Designed for Perfection - Life will never be viewed the same way again.

Belle Corporation once again redefines the landscape of leisure estates in the country with its latest development, the Lakeside Fairways. Set against the backdrop of majestic Mount Makiling, the serene lake of historic Taal Volcano, and the Tagaytay Highlands ridge, this breathtaking residential enclave is situated at the heart of Tagaytay Midlands development, guaranteeing the privacy that every Highlands homeowner -member requires.

Following the success of its world-class residential communities in Tagaytay Highlands and Tagaytay Midlands, now comes its latest creation that is truly inspired by the constantly changing and mesmerizing scenery of the Highlands. In the midst of fairways that seem to extend beyond the horizon, you will be drawn to enter a world that holds the most remarkable abundance of nature at 1,000 feet above sea level, at the the Lakeside Fairways.

Created by nature, perfected by inspiration.

Ready, Set, Golf.

Excitement reaches new heights at the Midlands Golf Course. Just when you thought you couldn't beat the experience of teeing offat 2,000 ft above sea level at Tagaytay Highland's 6,199-yard/par 70 course, then take a 5-minute Swiss funicular ride down 1,000 feet to Tagaytay Midland's 7,027-yard/par 72 Championship Course set against the majestic view of Taal Volcano Lake, Belle Corporation lays out its plans to bring you the third nine holes of the Tagaytay Midlands Golf Course.

Dunned as the "Lakeside Course", this proposed 9 hole addition at the midlands will present a series of scenic and exciting golf holes that will challenge the mettle of golfers at every level.

With a total lenght of 3,548 yards from the championship tees, it will take players through a series of holes which play toward every direction of the compass. Strategically placed greens, water features and hazards with delight and entice the brave-hearted to use every arsenal in their bag while the less experienced players will be assured of comfortable tee placements that will allow them an enjoyable golfing experience.

The layout is designed to be integrated into the back nine holes of the existing Midlands Golf Course thus resulting in a seamless play of 18 holes. This will be accomplished by starting the round on the existing 10th hole which will be played as the 1st hole. The flow of play will then continue from the existing 15th hole to the new hole no. 1 and on through to the new hole no. 9. From there, play returns to the old course at hole no. 16 and finally back to the Midlands Golf Clubhouse at the end of the round.

With the ability given to you in deciding the course flow of your 18-hole game, each game can always be different from the next. Nothing prevents you from even playing the full 27-hole stretch! Golf play couldn't get any more exciting and challenging than this.

And surrounding the velvety-grass silhouette of this course, several pockets of exclusive vacation communities will dare unfold.




Belle Corporation redefines the fair-weather landscape of leisure estate with the introduction of another first among its world-class residential communities that combine luxury and exclusivity- Cotswold at Tagaytay Highlands.

Cotswold homes form the only residential estates enclave nestled right within a golf course, enhanced with meandering brook. This most privileged development is a golfer's haven set amidst nature's serene indulgence.

Inspired by the limestone upland of the Cotswold Hills in central England with its charming, carefully preserved medieval villages. Cotswold evokes a country cottage theme characterized by use of stones, bricks and glass.

The creation of Cotswold complements the success of four wondrous settings that make up the Lakeside Fairways - Kew Gardens, Terrazas de Alava, Tivoli Place, and Lakeside enclave.

Exult in the great good life at Cotswold.

Every Cotswold lot comes with one (1) proprietary share of TMGC. All membership applications are subject to the approval of the Membership Committee

Lot sizes :300-500 sqm
Area of Development - 10 hectares of gently rolling land
Lots will be nestled on rolling hills and will be higher in elevation to the fairways and water features
Views : for the perimeter lotd : Midlands Golf and Lakeside Course fairways, for the inner lots : the central water feature, a cascading brook.

Unique feature : a brook will cascade from the middle of Cotswold Village toward the man-made lagoon which will be th obstacle for the future hole #3 of the 3rd 9-hole course of the Midlands Golf Course. 


Katsura, a Japanese -themed residential community inspired by the great Katsura Palace of Kyoto, a princely summer retreat that awes the senses and uplifts the spirits. Belle invisions another exclusive sanctuary nestled within the lofty peacks of Tagaytay Highlands. An abode that pays tribute to the simple way of life, immersed in the profound beauty of nature. Katsura offers a place of rustic, elegant simplicity, carefully cultivated and stretched across 14 hectares of gently rolling terrain.

Lot sizes : 250 sqm up. Introductory price - P14,616/sqm inclusive of VAT. Lot purchase comes with a proprietary share of Tagaytay Midlands Golf Club. This membership also entitles residents to enjoy world-class amenities at the Tagaytay Highlands Golf and Country Clubs in view of the reciprocal arrangement among the clubs. Magnificent views of the sprawling grounds maybe enjoyed riding in the country's first and only Swiss cable car and funicular system. A mouth -watering selection of gastronomic pleasures will certainly satisfy every appetite.