Club Balai Isabel

Club Balai Isabel


In a span of nine (9) years, Club Balai Isabel has carved a niche for itself in the tourism industry. With Nelson Terrible at the helm, he explores every opportunity to improve Club Balai Isabel and keep it dynamic. As a result, Club Balai Isabel has benefited from tie-ups with industry leaders in the fields of wellness, property development, tourism, education, and more. In the next few paragraphs, see exactly what makes Club Balai Isabel a special place to attract such attention and recognition.


Strategic Location


City-dwellers love to be around nature but are often short on time. Being so close to commercialized and/or industrialized areas makes Club Balai Isabel an attractive choice for busy people who prefer accessibility.


  • Only sixty-eight (68) kilometers or fifty-five (55) minutes from Makati Central Business District and Ninoy Aquino International Airport
  • Within twenty-five (25) kilometers to the nearest city centers like Santa Rosa, Tagaytay, Tanauan, and Lipa
  • Within twenty-five (25) kilometers of major industrial complexes like FPIC, Carmel Rey, Teletech, and Laguna Techno Park


Ongoing Major Infrastructure Developments Seen to Increase the Accessibility Factor Rating of Club Balai Isabel;


  • Expansion of FPIC by another 300 hectares with separate Star Tollway access towards Talisay
  • Expansion of the Light Industry Science Park (LISP) by another 150 hectares
  • Increased operations activities at Batangas Port projected to match major Manila Port Activities by 2016-2017
  • Development of Tanauan City Commercial/Business Complex along Talisay-Tanuauan Road (corner of Sambat Exit and Star Tollway)
  • Development of 1,100 hectares Twin Lakes Properties with Talisay as a major entry point
  • Widening of Tanauan – Lemery Road making access to Star Tollway/SLEX shorter from Agoncillo, San Nicolas & Laurel via Talisay.


Major Selling Points


Yes, there are other hotels and resorts in the Tagaytay, Batangas, and Cavite area that are just as near and can accommodate team buildings, social gatherings, weddings, and simple relaxation. So what sets us apart?


  • A stunning view  - Club Balai Isabel is gifted with an abundance of natural beauty.Hotels and resorts in the Tagaytay area offer an overlooking view—at CBI, you are up close and personal with the cool waters of Taal Lake and its world-famous volcano across the way. In terms of resorts on the lake, CBI is undoubtedly the best.


  • Lush vegetation – Although CBI covers almost 12 hectares in area, we want to maintain much of its natural beauty. In line with this, we will be developing only 30% of the property, leaving 70% for nature. We believe that this furthers our goal to become an eco-tourism destination.   


  • A large capacity for overnight guests - With 328 rooms that can accommodate 1,200 overnight guests and spacious grounds that can fit up to 5,000 day tour guests. This capacity is well above average.


  • Utmost safety and security – apart from the usual perimeter fence and security measures; the resort has state-of-the art CCTV network security installed around the area to ensure the safe and peaceful enjoyment of guests.


  • Spa Isabel - designed to leave you feeling relaxed, recharged and ready to conquer the world.

  • Medical Wellness Village – by partnering up with Tambalyggdrasil, Inc. in providing detoxification and medical check-ups, Club Balai Isabel aims to become more than a resort—with the current upward trend in wellness, we hope to become the first to provide such services in a relaxing resort setting.


  • A piece of history – Right on the grounds beside the chapel are the ruins of a 17th century church. These ruins are currently being studied by the National Museum of the Philippines, and as we learn more about it, we hope to share this piece of history with our guests. 



  • Water Sports Facilities – With the lake right in our front yard, having water sports available is a must. With kayaks, surf bikes, pedal boats, and a tie-up with the Taal Lake Yacht Club for sailing lessons, we envision a lake alive with activity.


From Advocacies to Opportunities


Club Balai Isabel has never aimed to be just another resort. We believe that we have—and should—offer more than that, which is why we are converting our advocacies to opportunities.




We are fully committed to becoming the closest Eco-Tourism Resort to Metro Manila. Fortunately, the Tourism Act of 2009 is in line with this vision as it supports the establishment of Tourism Enterprise Zones (TEZs), which will be the centers of tourism development in the country. We aim to be one of these TEZ operators and be able to reap fiscal benefits such as a six-year tax holiday, gross income taxation, 100% exemption of all taxes and customs duties on the importation of capital investment and equipment, and tax and custom exemptions for goods and services.


Our Save Taal Lake program involves creating an awareness of the importance of solid waste management in the town of Talisay by visiting schools in the area and giving talks to the students.


Club Balai Isabel is also a member of the Zero Carbon Resorts, which “aims to address the concerns on the ever-increasing demand for energy consumption, a large amount of CO2 emission from the tourism industry in the Philippines, and costs for the companies.”[1]


Wellness/Retirement Haven


Medical Wellness Tourism is currently a trillion-dollar business opportunity worldwide. People these days are becoming more and more conscious about their health and seeking ways to improve their health as opposed to spending their hard-earned money on expensive surgeries and maintenance medicines later in life. Health care costs are on the rise, which leads to an emphasis on keeping healthy.


This translates into more people doing executive medical check-ups, detoxification programs, and anything and everything that will boost their immune systems and make them feel healthier and younger.



In light of the opportunities at hand; a Medical Tourism venture may be one of the most logical and lucrative undertaking at Club Balai Isabel, to wit:


  • Club Balai Isabel provides ready infrastructures (rooms, facilities and amenities abound to encourage speedy recovery and healing);
  • Its prime advantage is its strategic location – highly accessible from most emerging commercial and industrial hubs in the area;
  • A medical facility in Club Balai Isabel will eliminate pre and post-operative risks of combining health and holiday plus a possible discontinuity of care as patients need not travel to a separate destination after a medical procedure. 

Health care is incredibly important, especially for those who are in their sunset years. Club Balai Isabel can become the perfect retirement haven. Nature, fresh air, easily accessible from the city, and a medical wellness facility to make sure you stay healthy—irresistible for retirees. Incidentally, the retirement industry is on the rise, and CBI is perfectly positioned to seize the opportunities it provides.


Club Balai Isabel:  Proudly a preferred destination!


With such facilities available to our guests, it is no wonder that we have become a popular venue for corporate and social events, as well as a great place to bring your family and friends. From weddings, reunions, birthdays, wedding proposals to conventions, team-buildings and strategic planning meetings—everyone finds what they need at Club Balai Isabel.


We are proud to include notable personalities in business, entertainment and government circles, ambassadors and diplomats, as well as top local and multinational companies in our list of satisfied clients. We have also been featured in popular television shows as well as in local and international beauty pageants. Club Balai Isabel also became known as a wedding destination after it became the venue of celebrity couple Kristine Hermosa and Oyo Boy Sotto’s wedding in early 2011.


Exciting Investment Opportunity


Club Balai Isabel simply sells. Its parent company, Techno-Asia Construction & Development, Inc was able to sell its condominium units for well over an impressive PhP80,000/sqm—a price tag usually associated with properties in the Central Business District. All of its 328 rooms were sold in a short span of three and a half years.


Currently, CBI plans to put up a PhP1.3 billion exclusive boutique hotel facility. Construction begun in 2015, we expect the project to be completed and sold by 2018. This early, some  units have already been blocked-off. Given the track record of Club Balai Isabel and how well positioned it is to take advantage of the world-wide upward trend in wellness targeted mainly towards baby-boomers, this new venture will put CBI squarely ahead of any competition and enable it to succeed in the international market.


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