Circulo Verde-Recover what was lost in city living!

Circulo Verde- Redefines city living


Town and City


The house has evolved from being a roof over your head or four walls to guard against the world. It is more than a pause from the pace of urban life or a spot to spend the night. Where you live is where life itself unfolds. One of the most exciting residential developments in the Philippines today, Circulo Verde redefines living by combining small town charm with big city dynamism. Leafy parks blend into steel towers. Toil and leisure find harmony. This is a place where stories unfold and flourish.


Diverse. Self-contained. Green. Balanced. These are the hallmarks of Circulo Verde. Take your pick from a menu of residential options. High-rise condominiums for a fast-paced life, lofts for flexible living, or homes for a growing family. Then, cool your heels within the community. There is no need to venture outside the realm of Circulo Verde as leisure, service, and retail facilities are found right where you live. And don't worry about a crush of people or a crowd of towers. The Circulo Verde community has planned the number of residents per floor to ensure privacy and comfort. Finally, walk, jump, run, and leap into the air. As a model of green living, Circulo Verde saves a large portion of its land for recreation spaces and parks.


Projects :


Majorca Residences

Ibiza Tower

Seville Residences 

Lleida Tower

Garden Homes



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Garden Homes

Seville Residences 1 BR

Seville Residences 2 BR

Seville Residences 3 BR



Safe Haven


Your property and family are important to us. From sketches on paper to final construction, Ortigas & Company ensures the safety of the Circulo Verde community. Due care has been exercised in the creation of its technical design, which protects against the whims of nature, from earthquakes to typhoons. Installed in the very foundations of Circulo Verde is an extensive flood protection system. This includes a one-kilometer retaining wall, automated floodgates, a back-up pump system on ground-level car parks, and a flood canal to collect storm runoff. The entire community has also been raised by eight meters from Marikina River's water level.


As it keeps the turbulence of nature at bay, Circulo Verde yields to its beauty. The development works with the natural curves of the land, and keeps 70 percent of its terrain green, filling open spaces with parks, playgrounds, and bike paths, all covered with high trees and carpets of grass. High rises feature Sky Gardens or landscaped atriums that provide a backyard experience up in the air. Following a sustainable design, recycling, conservation, and energy efficiency is interwoven into the Circulo Verde community, as well.


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